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Co-Parent Coaching

Co-Parenting is an essential component to creating consistent and healthy environments for your children's overall psychological, mental, emotional development and physical growth within two households. Due to the complexity of co-parenting, parents may face challenges where they disagree on what’s best for their children or struggle to meet their children’s needs. When there is a lack of harmony between parenting styles, it can become confusing for the children to operate at their best.

Co-Parent Coaching can provide high conflict parents with effective solutions to parenting difficulties. When you have a step-by-step action plan implemented in both homes this allows for an alliance in parenting styles. Throughout the coaching relationship, you, your co-parent and I will identify current problems, stressors, and challenges the family faces and create solutions for a healthier relationship between all parties.

If you are interested in Co-Parent Coaching, please use the Contact Me/Schedule tab and schedule your session. Co-Parent Coaching sessions are $175/session. If you have any additional questions regarding this service, please email me at



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