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My theoretical approach is integrated: I draw on from  multiple theories to help find the best treatment approach and techniques for you. Not everything works the same for everyone and as your therapist, I will help you by using what resonates best with you. After all, each person is unique and so is their path to growth.

A few of the theories and approaches I draw from are  cognitive behavioral therapy, reality based therapy, solution focused therapy, emotionally focused therapy, attachment theory, Adlerian psychology, motivational interviewing, mindfulness techniques, compassion focused therapy, ecotherapy and person centered therapy.*

I offer individual counseling, family counseling and workshops for your community.            

Child & Adolescents

The elementary age is a critical age for children. It is often the time we witness emotional difficulties, such as heightened anxiety, difficulty regulating emotions, and sadness in our children.  New Direction Counseling strives to create a safe place to discover different emotions and allow for healthy expression of feelings. We believe in working with the entire family in order to change negative interactions and unhealthy patterns. This allows for change to extend beyond the therapy room. Some areas that New Direction works with include anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, oppositional behaviors, anger, self-esteem, AD/HD, eating disorders, school issues, family changes, social skills, peer interactions, self-harm, and more. 

The pre-teen and teenage years can be especially difficult for both child and parents. New Direction Counseling provides professional adolescent counseling to help your teenager navigate through this rough time. During this time, young people experience physical growth, mental development, and emotional changes. Adolescents can experience stressors that include family, school, and friend issues. Adolescents can learn how to identify causes of their distress, develop their skills in asking for help and expressing emotions, and improve their coping and problem-solving abilities.

Adult Counseling

Whether you are experiencing work-life issues, depression, anxiety, existential concerns (determining values and finding meaning and purpose), needing anger management, or having a family stress, New Direction Counseling can help get you started in a new direction. Counseling will provide a safe environment where you can discover new perspectives, help make sense of overwhelming feelings, and learn to express emotions in a healthy way. Our goal is to journey alongside each person to help them recognize their own strengths and resiliency in order to foster a more meaningful and authentic life.

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