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Clinical supervision is an important part of counselor development. I enjoy supporting new clinicians who are working toward licensure as a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor in Louisiana as well as licensed clinicians who want to hone their clinical skills.

Clinical supervision is not only an investment in your career, but the last requirement for full licensure. It is important that you select a supervisor that will help you grow as a professional while providing the proper guidance and experience to help grow you.

Supervision includes:

1. Exploration of counseling techniques, evaluation of clinical skills, application of theories, guidance in clinical diagnosis and code of ethics.
2. Assistance with licensing paperwork and documentation of clinical hours
3. On site visits /direct observation of counseling skills
4. Review of case notes, documentation and treatment plans
5. Individual and Group Supervision in keeping with board rules
6.  Teletherapy supervision available
7. Professional guidance regarding private practice, industry networking, and mentoring
8. Individual and Group Supervision sessions


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Clinical Supervision in Louisiana
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