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TeleTherapy/Online Counseling




Online Counseling, also known as teletherapy, is the newest, smartest way to access help when you are in need of a professional mental health clinician.  You may also see online counseling referred to as telehealth or telemedicine.  These terms simply refer to the broader scope of healthcare administered from a distance. Sessions are exclusively offered to Texas residents.

FAQ regarding teletherapy

Will my insurance cover my teletherapy sessions?

Yes! Louisiana is a state that require insurance companies to pay for online counseling or teletherapy. Please check and verify with your medical insurance provider regarding your benefits and coverage. 

Are you there any benefits to accessing online counseling or teletherapy?

Yes, you can have therapy via a secure teletherapy platform at a time that works for you (morning, lunch break, etc.). This is extremely convenient when there is bad weather and you still want your counseling session to occur. Online counseling is affordable and is often paid or reimbursed by your medical insurance. 


Are there any down sides to online counseling or teletherapy?

You don’t get to sit on the “therapy couch” because you will be in the comfort of your home and you may miss the face to face, in person interaction.Or, there may be a chance that your insurance provider/plan does not pay for the sessions. If this happens, you will be financially responsible for the contracted insurance rate.

Are you ready to book your teletherapy session?

Click on the 'Contact Me' tab to schedule your session. Please select Video for practice location.

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