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Parent Coaching

Let's face it, parenting is hard!


Whether you are a first time parent, parent with large age gaps between the children, parent of a teen-monster or just a parent who needs additional support, I am here to assist. I help parents transform their relationships with their child(ren).


Parent Coaching is used: 

  • To learn practical skills

  • To take the time to reflect and evaluate their own parenting

  • To know how to talk to your kids so that they listen and follow directions

  • To practice exactly what one wants to say to a child about a difficult issue ahead of time

  • To get guidance on children through difficult times like divorce, death, or moving

  • To feel reassured that as the parents they are the ones who can decide what parenting approach is most appropriate for their family

  • To develop techniques for managing their own feelings

  • To prioritize values so parents know what battles to fight

  • To provide accountability so that parents actually do what they have decided they think is best for their kids


My job is to help you discover the great parent that you are, empower you to face your challenges and help you to create a strong and healthy relationship with your child. I will not only use my systematic family support interventions, but also my experience to help you grow.

If you are interested in Parent Coaching, please use the Contact Me/Schedule tab and schedule your session. Parent Coaching sessions are $150/session. If you have any additional questions regarding this service, please email me at



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